In a strategic move to align with its evolving identity and showcase its commitment to technical expertise, architectural excellence, and sustainable innovation, Glo Windows and Doors proudly announces its rebranding as Glo Fenestration.

The decision to rebrand stems from a desire to better encapsulate the company's growth, technical prowess, and dedication to advancing sustainable solutions in the window and door industry. The new name, Glo Fenestration, reflects the company's expanded focus on collaborating with leading architects and builders to deliver innovative fenestration solutions for complex projects that embrace cutting-edge technology, precision craftsmanship, and better building performance to drive a more sustainable future.

Elements of the Rebrand:

+ Maturity and Growth: The transformation to Glo Fenestration signifies the company's evolution and maturity within the industry. With a track record of excellence now established, Glo Fenestration is now a trusted resource for sophisticated and ambitious projects.

+ Technical Expertise: The adoption of 'Fenestration' in the name emphasizes the company's ambitions to be recognized as more than just a window and door company. We are not a commodity based business, we are a collaborative partner capable of meeting ambitious performance goals and bringing unique fenestration visions to life.

+ Sustainability Focus: The rebranding also underscores Glo Fenestration's commitment to environmentally responsible practices and our ambitions to be a leader in sustainability. From energy-efficient fenestration elements to eco-friendly materials and better building performance, Glo Fenestration is dedicated to reducing its environmental footprint.

+ Architectural Innovation: The shift in name reflects Glo Fenestration's dedication to embracing more complex architectural projects. We've found our niche, and it's collaborating with leading architects, designers, and builders to bring visionary and unique designs to life through advanced fenestration solutions.

Glo Fenestration remains committed to its mission of designing and fabricating high-quality, technically advanced window and door solutions while advocating for better building performance to advance sustainability in the building industry. Join us on this significant step forward in the company's journey of advancing the future of fenestration.