Descending Wall

Redefining the boundaries of indoor-outdoor living.

The paragon of architectural innovation and luxury, the Swiss-engineered Descending Wall combines cutting-edge air water sealing technology with the capability to open the worlds largest pieces of glass. Offering grandeur in sizable proportions and limited only by the size of available glass, the Descending Wall redefines the boundaries of indoor-outdoor living. Its innovative air water sealing system ensures a seamless transition between spaces while providing unparalleled protection against the elements. Elevate your living experience with a touch of Swiss craftsmanship, where precision fabrication meets avant-garde design in this remarkable descending glass wall, setting a new standard for contemporary living.


+ Innovative inflatable air water gasket seals perimeter of element at the push of a button

+ Precision engineered Swiss components

+ Thermally broken Aluminum construction

+ Triple pane or double pane IGU

double pane only available in climate zones 1-4 (learn why)

+ Max panel size limited to max size of available glass

Typical Configurations

+ Please contact us for additional configurations

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